What should be the Right Size of Wiper Blades?

What should be the Right Size of Wiper Blades?

Wiper blades help to get through the snowy and rainy weather. If the windshield is unclear then you may face issues while driving.

Blinded dirty glass can be hazardous in heavy rainfall and snowfall. Most of the accidents occur because of poor visibility.


Wiper Blades have a specific service life and needed to get checked whether they are performing well or not.

After a certain period, they are worn out and stop working properly because of exposure to weather conditions.


To experience a safe driving experience it is always necessary to change the wiper blades after a certain period.

The right time to change the Wipers:

Notice the following symptoms to find out the right time to change the Wiper Blades:


1.) When Wipers are wiping out in an improper way

2.) When Wipers get stuck even when you switch it on

3.) When wiper starts leaving a milky film when you turn it on

4.) When you notice a weird noise when you turn on the wiper


The material of the wiper which is made up of rubber wears out during its usage interval. Then it is high time to change the wiper blades. So get the wiper blades changed at least two times in a year depending on the type of the blade.


Silicone blades rather than going for rubber blades as rubber blades don’t last long and need replacement at regular intervals.

Halogen-hardened rubber blades are blades that last longer than any other blades. But Silicone blades are best if you want longer durability.

 Rather than changing the rubber blades in the wiper what you can do is change the entire wiper as changing the rubber blades is a tedious job.

Choosing the right size of the wiper blades:

Wiper Blades are operated in semicircular motion and help in clearing the surface and promote good visibility.


When the wipers are working then the top corner of the passenger side and the lower side of the driver’s side and when the windshield is not cleaned properly.


You are always suggested to go for a bigger size of the blades rather than smaller ones.

But still confused what size of the wiper blades should be used so go ahead to know how to choose the right blade:

1.) Online Blade-size calculator:

Use the online blade size calculator which will help to calculate the blade size which is required for the particular type and model of the car.

2.) Use the Car Manual:

You can refer to the car’s manual to identify the right side of the wiper which suits your car.

The small size of wipers will not wipe out properly so don’t go for small-sized blades as they can miss out on the critical areas to wipe.

3.) Use the Measuring Tape:

Use the measuring tape to measure the right size of the wiper blades. If you want to measure the length of the blade then you can measure the length by lifting the blade away from the windshield.

The driver and passenger side’s wiper blades are of different size so they need to be measured separately.


So, keep checking the wiper blades manually so that you can change them from time to time and measure them on your own. Clean the windshield and the wipers with a cotton cloth from time to time.


If you own an SUV then you have to check the wipers of the rear window as well.